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So....you want to be an auror?


It always surprises me that more than half of the people who apply to the Ministry of Magic want to be Aurors, and many seem to misunderstand the capacity Aurors play in the wizarding world and at the World of Hogwarts.  They are somewhat limited in a roleplay capacity, and are not all-powerful or able to do whatever they wish. Essentially, they are similar to FBI agents in our world, subject to beauracracy and procedure, just as any law enforcement officer.


Aurors are not accepted upon initial application at WoH. To become an auror, you must go through a Ministry training program, which Tonks refers to in Order of the Phoenix.  It consists of classes and roleplay events, some OOC, and lasts about two months. During this time you will be called an "Auror-in-training". Those still active at the end of the training program become full Aurors, but are expected to work with not only the training program, but also with the roleplay department in simwide roleplay plots.


Aurors do:

1) Have limits magically and physically

2) Have people above them telling them what they can and cannot do

3) Have rules and procedures they have to follow

4) Have specific assigned positions to play in major roleplay events


Aurors do not:

1)  Work alone

2)  Use weapons or other objects not found in the Harry Potter world


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