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Dating and Relationships

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Dating and Romance

OK, some guides to British school children, dating and our position towards it.


Now before anyone starts going “Well, in my high school we used to…”

Err. No.

1 - This is not an American High School, it’s a British-based private school.

2 - This IS Britain IC and like the books, British cultural standards shall hold true.

3 - The books show exactly the tone of relationships in a Hogwarts based campaign.

SO, read this, read carefully.

When having a ‘romantic time’ please make sure that all Hogwarts students do are things like hold hands, and hug. If older (5th year) they can even snog (kissing with vigour). But guess what? That’s it. That IS as far as she goes. The end. Allegations of age play are going to be treated way serious by me in this issue. No, I have no sense of humour about it - no I will NOT make one exception for you, no this does NOT impact upon your ‘rights’ and no you are NOT a precious little snowflake who deserves to be different.

Here is the ‘Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’. In a school a first year does NOT date anyone above a second year. Period. One year above. One year below. That’s IT. And I mean THAT IS IT. No this is NOT open to negotiation. Its fricken' WEIRD! No, its WEIRD guys. I work in a UK school. My form (tutor group) are all 12. I have some who have already dated over ten members of the opposite sex (no lie). I have some who have never even dated. The ones who have dated have dated WITHIN THEIR YEAR GROUP. I have seen students date a year above or a year below.

Beyond that? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Gross! The reaction is violent and instant.

So, if you character is a fourth to seventh year and you are dating a first year - it's over. Now. Because everyone thinks your character is a freaky weirdo with issues. And you have ended it because everyone has said ‘Stop it or else we are going to think you are a freaky weirdo with issues’. And flirting with them? OK, your peers look at you funny. NO exceptions. Start looking at them funny.

Clarification - yes, once you get to play a fifth year you can date TWO years above - a fifth year and a seventh year I CAN take. I have seen it. It IS rare and odd, but it can and does happen. Fifth year and a Third year? Ewwwwww! gross.

And before anyone says "Well, I knew one couple who..." I call that anecdotal story and raise you about 50 others, where British kids make puking noises and look at their peers like Stan in South Park and go 'Dude - that's just sick!'

Oh and adults do not flirt with students IC - ok? As far as I can tell NO ONE has done this, but guys and gals, PLEASE! Let us NOT go there. Now YES, in the UK age of maturity is 16, and the whole ‘Under 18 is underage’ thing is a USA thing. Relationships between 16 year olds and older are common in the UK... but here is where I evoke the holy rule of J.K. Rowling, the scary rule of ‘US laws rule’ and remind everyone that in the World of Hogwarts, we are all over 18... and under 18/older 18 relationships are SO not happening!!!

If anyone has an issue with this, please do IM me. You will get many nods and much sympathy, but I am SO not open to negotiation on this. This is not just an RPO saying this. This is the Big Kahoona of roleplay - simply - if you break these guidelines, I will ask you to leave nicely and then say your character was killed by concerned centaurs who thought you were a freaky weirdo.

(points to the air above him)

See the piano. Look at the piano. DO not make me drop the piano on your character's head.

Thank you.

-Danton Thirroul



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