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Hogwarts School Rules

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Dress Code



1. While you are in the public areas of castle, you must be in uniform at all times.

 For the boys:

Brown, black, or grey  or other DARK colored trousers.

a white or creme colored shirt with a collar. (Not a tank, tshirt or other casual shirt.)

A House Jumper (sweater)  or similar grey jumper.

House Robes and scarf (optional)

Dark colored shoes or trainers/sneakers.

For girls:

a. Same as for boys, but in addition  they are permitted to wear knee length or longer skirts in the same colors. ((please also wear glitch plants if there is no skirt base underneath.))

b. Public areas of the castle are defined as anywhere that is not your house common room , dormitory, or while in the infirmary on an extended stay with the nurse. These are the private areas of the castle.

c. While in the Private Areas of the castle, you are expected to conform to the "casual student standard" dress code. 



While in the rest of Hogsmeade students are still expected to dress in a fashion that represents the school in a positive fashion.

The following things are not permitted:

    1. Exceptionally tight, short, ripped, baggy,  or revealing clothing,  excessive bling or piercings, exposed tattoos,  spikes,  goth paraphenalia,  collars, chains and the like.

    2. Shirts with logos that advertise muggle drugs, alcohol, bands,  or have other offensive artwork or slogans on them.

    3. Professors and other adult members of the Hogwarts community can point out and restrict anything else deemed to be disruptive or a safety hazard at any time. 

((OOC: Basically, think The Gap/Abercrombie&Fitch (although don't think you can dress like their catalog models!)  or look and see that they wear in the movies even when they are not at school.  Sorry, but you choose to be here as a student. No matter how  much of a misunderstood teen you are,  your wizarding parents wouldn't let you dress *that* way. Even the most rebellious and obnoxious people in the school dressed properly.))


Out of Bounds

As a reminder to all of you since there is short memories among some of you, these areas are out of bounds until further notice(meaning until the headmaster or Deputy headmasters say it is all right to go there. Not fine tomorrow, not fine next week, or at your discression because you do not see any immediate danger.)

The Lake: Out of Bounds until further notice, due to the aggitated

Merfolk residing in the lake who will attack first and question later.(Residence along the lake are considered Private property, and are out of bound to everyone except the owners and their guests)

The Forbiden Forest: Out of Bounds until further notice, due to the nameless dangers that live in the forest, and have lived in the forest since before any of you were born. The path through the forest is the ONLY safe path through to Hogsmead and to the Quidditch pitch, and as such, straying off the path could result in very nasty things(death is one for example)(that means that the houses outside of hogsmead are ok, as is the East side of the path(the right side as hogsmead is north of the castle).

Muggle London: Out of Bounds, no exceptions, no excuses.

The Dark Space: Out of Bounds, no exceptions, no excuses

Undercastle in SountEast tower: Out of Bounds, no exceptions, no excuses

The Headmaster's Office: Out of Bounds, your not allowed in unless invited, and if you deside to break in, you do so at your own risk, as the Gargoyles will curse you(ooc: talk to the headmaster or Deputy headmasters as to what the current curse is, as kids and adults have different curses)

Anyone caught in or next to these areas(as in next to the lake, not next to the forest, Muggle London, The Dark space, or the undercastle entrance)Will Recieve an immeadiate detention, no exceptions. These rules are not here to be ignored, they are here for your protection. And yes, Walking outside the castle in pairs is important, as single people are easier to attack. Addeums will be put in at any time, so remember to check often.



Traditionally, only an owl, cat, rat or toad were permitted as Hogwarts Familiars, but this is one area I am willing to give slack on. So long as your pet is not disruptive, dangerous or disgusting I really don't mind what manner of beast you choose to deliver your messages or comfort you while you study.

However, you will seek approval from your Head of House prior to waltzing on into school with anything out of the ordinary. Size however -IS- an issue, and nothing larger than your average schoolbag will be acceptable without approval from myself or a Deputy Headmaster. There was an incident recently whereby students wanted to keep a stray dog that had wandered into the school. This kind of thing will be entirely at the discretion of your Heads of House, who must all agree, and who will assign allocated caregivers to the creature, and make the necessary housing and safety measures for it.

If your chosen creature is approved, do not assume that when it one day grows big enough to take -you- for a walk, you will not be asked to relocate said creature. You will.


ALL of you that Drakklets are absolutely forbidden. There are complicated and dangerous issues surrounding the act of bonding with one of these creatures, and without proper training they can and have been deadly.


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