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Injuries and Healing Staff

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Hospital Staff

If a student is injured or becomes ill they need to go to the hospital ward to be seen by the hospital staff.

The staff is as follows:

Head School Healer: Madam Veirty Willowsbrook ((sl ID Verity Fanshaw))

Senior Student Healer: Healer Apprentice Vikkie Vuckovic

Student Healers in Training: Armen Bingyi, Libbie Bonetto, Jonothan Dagostino (SL: Jonothan McMillan)


In Case of Injury

Please remember "Leave the healing to the healers".

If there is not a staff member on duty or in the ward when you go into the ward, please send them an *OWL* stating what is needed and when.  If it is an emergency and your owl cannot locate a staff member please contact St. Mungo's Hospital of Magical Maladies and then submit a ward report to the Head School Healer as soon as it is possible with the following information:

Patient Name:

School Year and House (or if a Staff member):


Nature of Injury:

When they were sent to St. Mungo's:


Any questions please direct them to the healing staff.  All healing staff members carry a healer's basic kit and can be owled to come on site to attend a patient.



The following is OOC information to assist you in roleplay injuries and illnesses.

Please remember that there will always be more of those not rping healing type characters then there are those that are.  So that is an imbalance.  Constantly rping injuries/illnesses puts a strain on the ability of those rping healers and can sometimes cause confusion and inability to rp well healing other characters.  If there is going to be a major pcp (personal character plot) that will include someone being sick or injured in a big way or with something that will be ongoing please at least give those that rp healers a heads up so that we can help you play something that is fun and will also not clash with the pcps of others doing the same thing.  It becomes difficult to rp several sets of pcps with injuries at the same time.  Rping injuries and illnesses are fun on both sides but get confusing if too many are going on at the same time. :-)


Also, please remember if you rp something like falling from a tower or having a sucking chest wound your character could die or have such severe injuries that it will take days to be "healed" even magically.  There are many instances in the books were such things occured.  It may also be neccessary to "send" your character to St. Mungo's.  We do not have a St. Mungo's on the sim it is not an rped place.  If you character is "sent" to the Hospital then be prepared for you character to be out of play from 24 hours to a week depending on the nature of the injury/illness.  Think carefully about the pcp you create that includes an injury.  If you need assistance creating such a storyline and want to know what can or cannot happen healing wise please contact someone rping a healer via im for an ooc chat.   The healing staff wants the rp to be fun for all it just needs to make sense.


Lastly,  If your character sheet does not say that you are a healer, healer in training or healing experience then you are not a healer and should not be rping doing such.  If you want to have these types of abilites it needs to be on your CS and worked out in such a way that it makes sense so please contact an NMM to have this ability included as part of your CS.  Be aware that it would not make sense for a first year student to be able to create healing potions and cure illnesses without having had specific training under a licensed healer.  So a student that gives out potions or casts healing spells may face serious consequences.  However, it would make sense for a professor such as the Care of Magical creatures to have in their character sheet that they have healing knowledge and experience because they would have to take care of themselves ((this is just an example)).  A student who has healing experience is someone whose parents may have been healers or has been studying under a healer, or something like this but it would be in development.  Just remember IC actions have IC consequences.

Any questions please speak with NMMs about character sheets or an RPO about story/plot lines...or even just someone who is rping a healer in someway.

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