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Sim Staff (OOC)

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This is the listing of our out of character simwide staff.


GM Council

The World of Hogwarts is a democratic roleplay sim - we all help to run it, and every player has a say in how it is run. However, we do have a GM (Game Master) Council to oversee the organisation of the group as a whole. If you have a serious problem OOC, or a disagreement with a head of staff in another department, please talk to one of these people.


Riko Kamachi

Sirahal Rees

Danton Thirroul


Department Heads

Department heads are responsible for day-to-day running of the sim. They are chosen by the GM Council.


Trystan Trevellion - Roleplay Lead

Roisin Ballyhoo - New Member Ministry

Angus Mesmer - Buildmaster

Roswenthe Aluveaux - Publicity


The New Member Ministry

The New Member Ministry are most likely the first officials you will come into contact with in our sim. They receive your application to join the roleplay, approve alternative and special characters and work tirelessly to help our new members refine their characters to be the best they can be. Those noted with "Alts" also handle alternate characters.


Roisin Ballyhoo (Director) - Alts

Gwion Merlin - Alts

Jemima Pennell

Sylvie Franizzi

Kaliedra Michigan


The Roleplay Department

The Head of Roleplay and his slaves (sorry, Roleplay Organisers!) work to put that little extra magic in the roleplay. At any one time, they will be busy coming up with new and exciting plots for the sim, as well as working with individual players on their plot ideas. They're also the driving force keeping our roleplay true to J.K. Rowling's wonderful creation.


Trystan Trevellion (Head of Roleplay)

Kira Worthington (Assistant Head of RP)

Sirahal Rees

PrinceSeverus Slade (Quidditch)

Roswenthe Aluveaux


Design Team

If you have a question, query or suggestion about the builds in our sim, please contact our chief engineer. If you discover a problem with any of the builds in Witchcraft, you can also contact one of the members of the Design Team. 


Angus Mesmer (Chief Engineer)

Riko Kamachi


Publicity Department

If you know of a good way to advertise World of Hogwarts on the internet or in SL or would like to help, speak to one of our publicity team members.


Roswenthe Aluveaux (Head)

Danton Thirroul

Riko Kamachi



Diagon Alley Staff

The staff of Diagon Alley ensures the commercial area runs smoothly and deals with problems regarding merchants and visitors.

Sirahal Rees - Owner

Trystan Trevellion - Rental Manager

Angus Mesmer - Build Issues

Riko Kamachi

Danton Thirroul

Roisin Ballyhoo

Leeloo Mill

Roswenthe Aluveaux

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