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Spell List

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You always have to roleplay all spells, however, feel free to use particle effects to go with them! (This is a class 5 server. Woot!) Just remember to only use ones your character can use (your year or below) and if it's one that has a physical effect (ex: immobilization, caging, push, etc), it MUST be approved by the target in advance. Other spells don't need permission but may have IC consequences.


This list is a guide, but bear in mind that even a "Hermione" will only cast spells about one year above their level. Occasionally players can have aptitude for a much harder spell by prior agreement when creating or updating their character sheet. Sometimes it is fun to play that you cast below your current level too.


Have fun! =)


First Year


Alohomora (Opens basic locks)

Aparecium (Reveals invisible ink)

Point me (Point-me spell, points to North)

Avis (Launches birds from wand)

Colloportus (Seals a door- counter to alohomora)

Coloromuto (Changes an object's color)

Colormuto Multiplex (Colour Flash Charm) (1st Year)  A variant of the Colour-Change Charm, used to make the item it is cast on flash different colours.

Creo Igniculus (Causes red or green sparks to shoot from the wand)

Creobulla (Makes golden bubbles come from end of wand)

Expelliarmus (Disarms an opponent) 

Finite (Counter spell for spells that lack specific counter spells. Can only be cast by the caster of the original spell)

Flagrante (Creates a burning, fiery line in the air- can be drawn into shapes. At first year level the effect is basic wand writing, but the ability improves with practice and  burning flames can be drawn from 5th year onwards. See 7th year offensive spell version) 

Gravitas Penna (Causes objects to become light as a feather)

Locomotor (Plus object, moves it)

Locomotor Mortis (Leg-locking curse)

Lumos (Creates light from the end of your wand)

Nox (Counterspell to lumos)

Orchideous (Causes flowers to come out of the wand)

Petrificus Totalus (Full body-bind curse)

Transfiguro (Transfiguration spell. The transfiguration effected varies with age and ability. Only very basic transfigurations are possible at 1st year)

(Unbreakable vow: vow itself is spoken, spell is non-verbal)

Wingardium Leviosa (Levitation charm)


Second Year


Adhaero - Superglue hex. Sticks the victim or an object to a surface with the strength of superglue. The spell lasts for up to an hour or until a countercharm is cast. (unlike the permanent sticking charm, can be cast on people). The spell is not generally known, but is found in the volume of works of Theobold the Thin. Players *must* discover the spell, or be taught by someone who discovered it before using this spell.

Aurumflamma(Golden Fire Spell) Produces a spurt of golden fire capable of breaking targets (such as wands).

Cadomolleo (Cushioning charm)

Corpus Leviosa (Levitation for body/corpse)

Engorgio (Engorgement Charm)

Freezing Charm (Incantation unknown. The charm referred to by Slughorn as being capable of disabling a muggle burgler alarm)

Portare flamma (Bluebell flame charm, small, portable fire)

Quietus (Counterspell to sonorus)

Rictusempra (Tickling charm)

Reducio (Reduction charm, counterspell to engorgio)

Scourgify (Scouring charm)

Serpensortia (Creates an illusionary snake)

Sonorus (Magnifies the voice)

Tarantallegra (Dancing hex)

Arion Vomito (Slug curse)

Vox Dementis (Babbling curse)

Formicatio Rubens (Hives Hex)  This hex causes the victims face to erupt in hives.

Halitus Capiscum (or Halitosis Capiscum??) (Pepper Breath Hex)  Gives the target person or creature hot or fiery breath.


Third Year


Adoperrheno (Fur Charm)  Causes the caster to be covered in fur.

Exhilaro (Cheering charm)

Contristosempra (Depression hex)

Somnium Tantillus (Daydream charm)

Diffindo (Severing charm)

Profundus (Hair-thickening Charm)

Reparo (Repairs an object)

Fervens aeris (Hot air charm, air emits from wand)

Impedimenta (Impediment curse)

Impervius (Repel substances and outside forces like water)

Lustro Circulus(Fire Charm)  Creates a ring of crimson and gold fire. 

Mobiliarbus (Levitates and moves a tree, similar to locomortis)

Mobilicorpus (Levitates and moves bodies/people)

Riddikulus (Counterspell for bogarts)

Scriboscipio (Animated ribbon used to write things)

Veritapraesto (Honesty Jinx)  Cast on a written agreement, it ensures that anyone breaking the agreement will suffer unpleasant consequences as determined by the spellcaster. 

Waddiwasi (Launches small objects through the air)

Flipendo Contendo (Objects backfire)

Flipendo Incantato (Spells backfire)

Bat-Bogey hex (Incantation unknown)



Fourth Year


Accio (Summoning charm)

Depulso (Banishing charm)

Bubble-head charm (Incantation Unknown)

Siccus (Drought Charm)

Dilectio (Entrancing enchantment)

Flamma frigus (Flame-freezing Charm)

Furnunculus (Target is covered in boils)

Densaugeo (Teeth growing hex)

Incendio (Sets a flammable object on fire.)

Levicorpus (Victim dangled upside down by ankles. Hexes are not curriculum spells and it is necessary to roleplay finding such spells)

Liberacorpus (Counterspell to Levicorpus)

Perdopilus (Hair Loss Curse)  Makes the victim lose their hair. 

Protego (Shield charm)

Relashio (Forces target to release what is being held)

Ferula (Creates a wooden rod, can shape rod slightly)

Restituo (Switching spell, exchange one item for another)

Erecto (Erects a tent or other similar structure)

Jelly-legs jinx (Incantation unknown - renders its victim's legs temporarily useless, leaving them to wobble around helplessly until the effect

wears off.)

Obscuro (Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyes,

obstructing their view of their surroundings.)

Reducto (Reductor curse, disintegrates or destroys objects in the caster's path.)

Expilus Protinam (Instant Scalping Hex)  Removes the hair from the victim - instantly. 

Termino Commoveo (Shock Spell)  A medicinal spell which treats the patient for shock. (Can also be nonverbal.)



Fifth Year


Confundus (Confusion charm)

Evanesco (Objects disappear but can be recovered)

Expecto Patronum (Light in form of a patron animal- scares away

dementors and can be used to carry messages. Dark wizards cannot use this spell.)

Fortis obex (Imperturbable charm- makes something unable to be


Pack (Packing spell)

Prior Incantato (Shows spells that were cast previously with the wand)

Silencio (Causes something to go silent)

Specialis Revelio (Causes an object to show its hidden secrets or

magical properties)

Stupefy (Stunning spell)

Tergeo (Siphons something off of a surface)

Caecus (Conjunctivitus Curse)

Deflexo Cantatrix(Hex Deflection Spell) It is used to block or deflect magic cast as you.

(Hurling Hex, non-verbal spell)

Seperatus (Wall-summoning charm)

Oppugno (Causes objects to attack)

(Protean charm, non-verbal,causes copies of an object to be remotely affected by changes made to the original.)

Offendo (Trip jinx, causes one to trip and fall)

Stinging hex/jinx (Non Verbal. Produces a stinging sensation in the victim, resulting in angry red welts and occasionally the severe inflammation of the affected area.)

Porrum Auris (Leek Hex)  Causes leeks to grow out of the ears of the victim. 

Cutis Squameus (Crispy Skin Hex)  Causes a skin complaint that made the skin look like it is covered in cornflakes.

Crescoramus (Antler Hex)  Causes the victim to sprout antlers.


6th Year


Aguamenti (Creates water)

Anapneo (clears the throat and air passages)

Concealment charm (non verbal)

Confundo (Confusion charm)

Episkey (Minor healing/mending spell)

Finite Incantatem (Ends a spell or all spells being cast)

Incarcerous (Ties someone or something up with ropes.)

Langlock (Glues the subject's tongue to the roof of their mouth)

Legilimens (This can only be learned if it is taught in character &

only used if approved by a DD. Allows one to read another's mind & memories.)

Muffliato (Causes an area to become soundproof)

Rennervate (Brings someone out of unconsciousness.)

Sectumsempra (Causes severe wounds & bleeding on a person.)

Spatium Imreperio (Undetectable Extension Charm) This magic is used to enchant a container or bag, so that its interior capacity expands to enormous size

Cave inimicum (Strengthens an area from enemies)

Defodio (Causes deep gouges to appear in the object targeted by the spell.)

Descendo (Causes any targeted object to move downwards.)

Deprimo (Places immense downward pressure upon its target, which may result in the violent fracturing of said target.)

Homenum Revelio (Reveals humans in the vicinity of the caster.)

Avexi avectum (Obliteration spell, unlike evanesco these things cannot be retrieved)

Repleo (Refilling charm, non-verbal, refills a container with the current


Salvio Hexia (Provides protection for an area from hexes.)

Lingucornus (Horn Tongue Hex) Turns the tongue to horn.


7th Year


Deletrius (Erases images and magical after-effects)

(Disillusionment Charm, non-verbal, causes near total invisibility)

(False Memory Charm, non-verbal, plants a false memory. This is a specialist spell and not widely known)

Fidelius (Fidelius charm. Causes a location to only be accessible to those the secret keeper tells of the location.)

Portus (Turns an object into a portkey)

Portus Continuus (Turns an object into a portkey that may be used more than once.)

Duro (Turns the target to stone)

Fiendfyre (Magical, highly-destructive fire.)

Flagrante (Causes any object affected to burn human skin when


Geminio (Creates a duplicate of any object cast upon.)

Glisseo (Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten and form a ramp or slide.)

Protego totalum (Protego over a larger area)

Repello muggletum (Keeps muggles away from an area)

Confringo (Blasting curse, auses anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode)

Meteolojinx Recanto (Countercurse to meteolojinx, causes weather effects caused by incantations to cease)

Meteolojinx (Atmospheric jinx,creates outside conditions in an

interior area)

Puserumpo (Pus Hex)  Causes the victim’s nose to erupt into a cascade of pus, which can only be stopped through magical means.

Caligo Inverto (Enchanted Mist Spell) Creates a golden-coloured mist that causes the world of anyone entering it to turn upside-down. Their feet are still on the ground, but up and down are reversed, meaning that the victim is left dangling, stuck to a floor that has become the ceiling, with the sky beneath them. The spell is broken if the victim removes a foot from the ground, and the world turns back the right way up for them.


Adult Spells


Senex senis (Age-line spell)

Obliviate (Modifies a person's memory by removing a memory. Only taught to oblivators)

Pia pium (Anti-cheating spell)

Remaneo (Anti-disapparition jinx)

(Antonin Dolohov's Curse, non-verbal, need permission from a Drama Director before using)

Absconditus domus (Unplottable charm)

Protego horribilis (Provides protection against dark magic)

Piertotum locomotor (Animates suits of armor- can only be used by Hogwarts Professors when castle is under attack)

Homorphus (Forces an animagus to take its human shape)

(Intruder charm, non-verbal, detects an intruder and sounds an alarm)

(Tongue-tying curse, non-verbal, prevents certain information from being revealed by the individual upon whom the spell is placed. The curse manifests itself by causing the tongue to temporarily curl backwards upon itself.)

Creo phasma (Creates a ghostly apparition)

(Bedazzling hex, non-verbal, used to make invisibility cloaks)

(Caterwauling Charm, non-verbal, anyone entering the perimeter sets off a high-pitched shriek.)

Expulso (Violent blasting curse, causes anything to explode on


(Flying charm, non-verbal, cast on brooms.)

(Gripping charm, non-verbal, gives a better grip to an object, cast on quaffles.)

(Horton-Keitch Braking Charm, non-verbal, prevent players from

overshooting the goal posts and from flying off-sides in quidditch pitches.)

Flipendo genu (Knee-Reversal hex)

(Permanent sticking charm, non-verbal, keeps something from being removed)

(Stealth-sensoring spell, non-verbal, cast on a room or area and

detects people under magical disguise)

Magnus sensus (Supersensory charm, heightens the senses)

(Taboo jinx, non-verbal/incantation unknown, jinx which may be placed upon a word or a name, so that whenever that word is spoken, a magical disturbance is

created which alerts the caster of the Taboo to the location of the




Special Spells  (must be learned IN CHARACTER. Must be taught by someone who is qualified to teach it!)



Revelio Simpli - simple medical diagnostic spell.

Revelio Injurious - Complex / detailed medical diagnostic spell.



Unforgivable Curses (RPO permission required. Beware, these curses *are* unforgivable. Actions have consequences)


Crucio (Cruciatus curse, causes extreme pain & anguish)

Imperio (Imperius curse, causes a person to become under another's


Avada kedavra (Killing curse. Cannot use this curse without the written permission of the roleplay lead, Trystan Trevellion)


Spells not used in our sim Without Special Permission from the Roleplay Lead



Morsmordre (Summons the dark mark, not used in our sim, because there are no more death eaters)

(Inferi-raising/creating spell)

(Horcrux creation spell)

(Spell to create a new body for a soul in a horcrux)

 (Entrail Expelling Curse. This nasty spell was invented by Urquhart Rackharrow in the 1600s. His portrait now hangs ominously in the Dai Llewellyn Ward of St. Mungo's (OP22).)

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