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Whos Who in the Ministry of Magic

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Who's Who of the Ministry


Upper Ministers

Minister - Kingsley Shacklebolt

A ‘war hero’ Shacklebolt is perhaps the most respected Wizard in Britain.  He is still a young man and most Wizards are VERY happy with him in charge.  Mostly because he is very sensible- and that is a rare commodity in a Wizard.


Senior Undersecretary - Quixotic Tuqiri

Ms. Tuqiri is a Ravenclaw graduate of Hogwarts.  She is the daughter of Soo Tuqiri, well-known expert on Korean wizarding history and magical artifacts, and is known for being vocally opposed to the machina movement among wizards. She has not openly sided with a faction, although she seems to be more of a traditionalist. Tuqiri has a reputation for being rather prim and overdressing for the dirtiest of jobs, and it is rumored that many call her "Ice Princess" behind her back.


Junior Undersecretary -


Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Department Head: Bella Giustizia (SL Name: Isabella Genezzia)



Jasminelane Melnik

Ms Melnik is a Slytherin graduate of Hogwarts. She is pure blood and her parents were powerful witches. Jasminelane is very dedicated to her job and the minstry.

Nathan MacAslan

Alecto Sciarri - Hogwarts Liaison


Devantai Caproni

Improper Use of Magic

Senior Improper:


Laney Boggs


Regulators (Irish Branch of Improper Use of Magic combined with Magical Regulation Section)


Misuse of Muggle Artifacts

Senior Official: Erik Powers (SL Name: Mordred Petrov)

Trixie Puddlegum (SL Name: Roisin Ballyhoo)

Department of Magical Creatures

Department Head: Hedeki Dagostino (SL Name: hedeki Gray)


Bureau of Dragon Research and Restraint



Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures


Office for House-Elf Relocation


Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

Department Head:



Magical Reversal Squad


Irish Annex/Chief Obliviator


Department of Mysteries

Department Head: Danton Thirroul

Former assistant to the Senior Undersecretary and the Minister, Thirroul is as blue blood as it comes!  He is in all ways the PICTURE of everything that is/was wrong with House Slytherin- a snob, arrogant and condescending.  He is also brilliant in his own way, charismatic, funny, dry and above all… someone who has smoochezed his way to the top.  And is still going on. Thirroul is said to be the head of a growing network of pureblood Wizards who are basically in it to help each other out.  As someone once said recently- it’s a good job the Wizarding world does NOT have laws against corruption.  Or else Thirroul would be SO in it!. This being said… Shacklebolt sees SOMETHING in him to have him appointed this high!

Senior Unspeakable: Vacant


Leola Dodderidge (Leola Denimore)



Department of Magical Transportation

Department Head: Eithne Greggan

Portkey Maintainance

Floo Manager


Department for International Cooperation

Liason with Foreign Wizards

Mathieu Hubert de Cahuzac (SL name: Vellon Joubert)

Mr. de Cahuzac is a young Frenchman sorcerer who came to England in order to work for the English Ministry of Magic. Because of his multilinguism, he postulated a job at the Departement for International Magical Cooperation. Now he is the Liason Officer with Foreign Wizards.

Liason with Foreign Wizards, Secretariat


Ministry of Magic Ireland Liasion

Lucina Dodderidge (Lucina Decuir)


Department of Magical Sports, Games and Pastimes

Department Head:


Regulations and Safety

Cecily Hexbaum (SL Name: Roswenthe Aluveaux)

Cecily, known as CeCe, is a Slytherin graduate of Hogwarts, and former player for the Holyhead Harpies until an injury sidelined her.  She now acts as a global referee and safety consultant on behalf of the Ministry.


Quidditch Scouting




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